Platinum Sponsorship

In addition to the features and benefits of corporate sponsorship, a goHarlem events platinum membership can offer organizations the following additional features and benefits for businesses, retailers, and restaurants in Harlem, New York.


  • Business-to-business opportunities:
    Members can access business-to-business opportunities, such as partnerships with other businesses and vendors, to increase sales and grow their network.
  • Brand exposure through event sponsorship:
    Members can sponsor events and festivals, which can increase brand exposure and build credibility for their business.
  • Marketing Insights:
    Members can gain insights through event registrations and other membership programs, allowing them to better understand their customer base and tailor their products and services accordingly.
  • Business promotion through digital channels:
    Members can promote their businesses through digital channels, such as the organization’s website and social media platforms, to reach a wider audience.
  • Training and education opportunities:
    Members can participate in training and education opportunities, such as marketing and sales workshops, to enhance their skills and knowledge and improve their business operations.


  • Cost savings:
    Members can save costs on event participation and marketing expenses by availing discounts and special offers provided by the organization.
  • Increased customer engagement:
    Membership can increase customer engagement with businesses by providing opportunities to participate in events and other promotional activities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction:
    Membership can lead to improved customer satisfaction as businesses can offer exclusive experiences and discounts to their customers.
  • Stronger brand positioning:
    Membership can help businesses to establish a stronger brand position in the local market and differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • Increased loyalty:
    Membership can help to foster loyalty among customers, who will appreciate the added value and personalized experiences offered by businesses through the organization’s programs and events.